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For reasons I have yet to determine, my entire professional career has been misspent in the realm of advertising and marketing communications creative. So why stop now?

I have worked with companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to one-person consulting firms, representing industries from health care to high-tech, from finance to food. Along the way I've learned a great deal about how to get things done:

  • On time.
  • Within budgetary constraints.
  • Managing all the details.
  • Never forgetting to have fun.

In fact, I guarantee* that you will enjoy 50% more laughs while working with me.


To maintain an air of mystery,
I work from an undisclosed location
(just like Dick Cheney used to do!)
in the greater Chicagoland area.

Hours by appointment only.

Hourly and project pricing
can be negotiated.

Tight deadline heroics may
involve additional costs.


Or email:


*Guarantee subject to federal, state and local regulations, not applicable to clients who,
  tragically, do not possess a sense of humor. The more twisted the better.