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“It's funny, it's smart…I LOVE it!!!”
P.C., Evanston, IL

“oh my… you are seriously bent…”
D.P., Highland Park, IL

“I LOVE IT!!!!!”
G.G., Martinez, CA

“I'm so glad you're done! Is it safe to come out yet?!”
My husband, Undisclosed (even to me) Location

“WOW!!! It's you. Your talent, humor and style. I feel as if I
have been reintroduced to you.”
M.G., Western Springs, IL

“This is great!!! Finally, your ability to work across many, many areas
comes across in one tidy little website.”
C.R.M., Chicago, IL

“Just reviewed your web site and found it easy to navigate and very
informative. Also found it a little scary when first opened with that rather
strange photo - if you don't scare people off with that initial shot, I think
you've done a great job…”
My father, Carlsbad, CA